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to impose actions on russia. we are united in our unwavering article five commitment. including german aircraft joining nato patrols over the baltics. we are united in our support for ukraine. the very important imf program approved this week. they disarm and stop provoking violence. pro- russian militants are still holding observers, including four germans, as well as ukrainian exports. they have been paraded in front of the media and forced to make statements at the barrel of a gun. it is disgraceful and un- excusable. finally, as both angela and i have repeatedly said, we want to see a diplomatic resolution andrew -- in ukraine. diplomatic and economic. it is estimated that $100 billion will exit russia this year. in short, russians actions are making an already weak economy even weaker. we have been consulting closely with our european and g-7 partners. the russian leadership must know that if it continues to destabilize eastern ukraine and disrupt this month residential collection, we will move quickly on additional steps including further sanctions that will impose greater costs.
that is run by the spouse of the date was helping you get a contract when she's over in russia. and they came within months of the contract being settled. that's the thing that investigations look for and can figure out to start the investigation. that is what we are concerned about. we saw the article in "the washington post." but she did look beyond the services fraud. so we asked that at the shareholder meeting. he dodged the question. he's that it was legal. he said it was in the spirit of the letter of the law but he didn't say why he chose it and how. because there is a dc lobbyist in prison right now for doing a lot less, it would seem, in making this gift to the foundation run by the spouse of the secretary us date. neil: it is always good to have you. thank you so much. keeping track of this, here's the thing that is really weird about it. congress is now getting itself involved. i have raised this point and i want to raise it again. why don't you guys focus on that? after this hello. shopping for a used car with the right history? yeah. i don't want one that's had a big wreck. oh, o
treating russia as an adversary, china, also announcing it will conduct joint naval drills with russia in east china sea this month. the question arises, does that deepening military cooperation between russia and china also make china an adversary as well? we're coming right back. >> a day of dramatic development on capitol hill, in the benghazi scandal. the obama stone wall may be krurpcrumbling, two committee ms s will join us next. [ chainsaw buzzing ] humans. sometimes, life trips us up. sometimes, we trip ourselves up. and although the mistakes may seem to just keep coming at you, so do the solutions. like multi-policy discounts from liberty mutual insurance. save up to 10% just for combining your auto and home insurance. call liberty mutual insurance at... to speak with an insurance expert and ask about all the personalized savings available for when you get married, move into a new house, or add a car to your policy. personalized coverage and savings -- all the things humans need to make our world a little less imperfect. call... and ask about all the ways you could save. liber
members, should understand and begin treating russia as an adversary, china, also announcing it will conduct joint naval drills with russia in east china sea this month. the question arises, does that deepening military cooperation between russia and china also make china an adversary as well? we're coming right back. >> a day of dramatic development on capitol hill, in the benghazi scandal. the obama stone wall may be krurpcrumbling, two committee ms s will join us next. we're moving our company to new york state. the numbers are impressive. over 400,000 new private sector jobs... making new york state number two in the nation in new private sector job creation... with 10 regional development strategies to fit your business needs. and now it's even better because they've introduced startup new york... with the state creating dozens of tax-free zones where businesses pay no taxes for ten years. become the next business to discover the new new york. [ male announcer ] see if your business qualifies. lou: house arm services committee chairman challenging brigadier testimony tha
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. i just came back from a week in the former soviet nations. i was in russia, i was in finland, poland, latvia, estonia. and they see the real hazards that lie in front from a an aggressive vladimir putin. >> you ask me a good question. i think the reason why people feel the way that they do about not getting involved in world affairs is because things aren't going so great here at home. america is very clearly moving into a kind of decline. >> one thing we don't want to be afraid of, when we have to work, we could've colonizer but we changed our minds. but the idea of global prosperity only begins with local peace. neil: kay rogers and these numbers, the young people particularly are very much against getting involved in other crises around the globe. and i imagine that these numbers generally will get worse. >> we tonight we are a generation that grew up with a country that was involved in watching ourselves wholly come out of that. >> probably many people do surpass us in the next five years. we don't have the money to get involved. >> we have world war i and world war ii. that's no
decision, not a scientific one. this is politics at its mouth here. stuart: russia's vladimir putin. why don't we -- why don't we in america approve the export of liquefied natural gas? that would give us a great deal of leverage on energy over vladimir putin. >> absolutely. another example how our president does not understand that having a strong domestic economy, strong domestic energy policy translates into leverage on the geopolitical scale internationally because we could reduce russia's revenue from exporting their liquid natural gas by getting into the market. we could reduce that by 30% and keep in mind that 50% of russia's tax base comes from the sale of oil and natural gas but to many of our friends and allies in western europe. stuart: the president obviously knows this coming knows that if we export big time to europe we get leverage over vladimir putin. he knows this, why does he keep denying -- is it 23 permits that are on the table at the moment for the export of liquefied natural gas that are being held up? the president knows what is going on. why does he hold it up? >>
have to bear the pain because of it. >> it has gotten cool in russia to find your name on the list. it is meaning you are wealthy and you are in. this is nothing. i agree. but what can you really do? >> a lot of money is leaving that area. neil: so you are hoping this continues. >> there market was up today after the announcement. >> there is no room for squishy feelings. quite frankly -- neil: making maggie thatcher look good. can you imagine her as president of the united states. double parked, you are executed. i am thinking ebenezer scrooge, but that is just me. toyota telling the workers i hope you like texas, i hope you like heat, i hope you like big bugs, but obviously latest company announcing moving the operations headquarters to texas. here we go. >> we compete for big hair. you have tons of taxes, tons of regulations. why wouldn't you move? you're putting everybody closer to the plant, so it makes much more sense. neil: this is just moving the administration staff. >> and cost-of-living, cost of business all cheaper. it makes economic sense. >> 14,000 jobs have moved fro
of russia president putin issue too little too late. >> i fear we're doing is tweaking folks, as we seen from this administration on so many tough issues, their policies always late after the points in time when we could have made a difference in the on the cut come. >> reporter: the president's hometown paper reporting he is quote struggles to sell's foreign policy straepbg that strategy that seems under siege, the president took a shot at fox, said more positive stories are not getting attention. >> what you think that obama doctrine is in terms of what your guides principle is on these creases you had you -- crisis and you answer those critics who say that doctrine is weakness. >> i doubt i will have time to layout my en fea entire for fory doctrine, there are some communityly pieces as well. but i'm not sure you ran them. >> reporter: as one champ old on ukraine. presidentially site reuter op-ed, who wrote last week, modest sanctions we've imposed on fruit ina pop cron -- putin a top cronies juste strike just the right balance. they are hitting him now. >> many who are proponents of
. thanks for bringing that report. >> it is. melissa: more sanctions for russia. travel bans and asset freezes await kremlin officials. putin promises they won't make a difference. plus i'm about to get a little nostalgic here on "money." i'm quite a sweet spot when it comes to car develop as many kids in america -- carve. i'm talking to their president next. do you have too much ice cream with sprinkles on top? peace of mind is important when you're running a successful business. so we provide it services you can rely on. with centurylink as your trusted it partner, you'll experience reliable uptime for the network and services you depend on. multi-layered security solutions keep your information safe, and secure. and responsive dedicated support meets your needs, and eases your mind. centurylink. your link to what's next. what'swithout the thinking capitathat makes it real? what's a vision without the expertise to execute it... and the financing to make it grow? whatever your goal, it can change more than your business. whatever your goal, it can change e future. that's wh at barclay
. president obama announced a new against russia today. targeting seven russian government officials, 17 companies with links to put in. kt mcfarland joins us now. only a few more individuals, no industries targeted. putin himself not targeted despite "the new york times" story yesterday. if these sanctions had real bite, the stock market would be down 100, not up 100. >> he is going to put the sanctions on a few bank accounts. the money has been cleared out of the bank account months ago. a few visa denials. there might have to spend their time in sochi. stuart: the word surrender is a very strong word. >> he will keep going. that is the message to take away from this. there is no penalty for whatever he wants to do. in eastern ukraine with little green men. the russian troops taking off, still in russian uniform. in eastern ukraine, other parts of the former soviet union space. the question is how far does putin go. i think he is going all the way to challenge nato. that is strong stuff. stuart: if he did that, this market would come down. >> there is article five, it is all for one, o
. iranian officials pressing their case in front of a un committee that includes cuba, china, and russia. joining us now fox news contributor john bolton. good to have you here. press as they will, you know, it's kind ofr hard to get to the united nations without being on u.s. territory. so i can't wait to hear from this committee. how about you? >> right. well, i think this committee which is the committee on relations with the host country namely us is going to punt on this. i think iran took the matter there. i think they wanted to pound their trust. i don't think the obama administration has necessarily denied the visa request. i think they may just not act on it one way or the other. that way they can say to iran it's not us. >> are you suggesting the obama mrs is voting present on the issue? >> i would be the last person to suggest that, lou. absolutely not. look, iran. this is a win/win for iran. they're going to come back to obama saying you owe one on the nuclear demonstration and the administration will give them something. >> let's turn to yemen. the 65 al qaeda terrorists on
sanctions that targets a specific sectors of russia's economy like energy. >> we need to lay the groundwork so if and when a uc be even greater escalation or these sanctions would have larger consequences civic republicans say that sounds echo a broken record to vladimir putin. >> almost two months since the president has said he will pay up price. it is all talking and no action spirit the situation on the ground has been unraveling with officials vowing to block militants. >> the world has not yet forgotten but it is already keen to start a third world war. he was searching a conference call with european leaders but the president and secretary of state john carey still talked tough about a new round of u.s. sanctions. >> for seven days russia has refused to take a single concrete step in the right direction. >> their rhetoric was backed up by #diplomacy that went to twitter that let's hope the kremlin and federation will live by the promise of #. is leading to a russian officials have been trying to plagiarized so she took action. >> al is highlighting the fact there were not following t
Search Results 0 to 23 of about 24 (some duplicates have been removed)